Encyclopaedia of exoplanetary systems

This encyclopaedia provides latest detections and data announced by professional astronomers about exoplanetary systems. It is about objets lighter than 60 Jupiter masses, which are orbiting stars/brown dwarf or are free floating. It provides also a database about planets in binary systems, and a database about circumstellar disks.

Established in February 1995 Developed and maintained by the exoplanet TEAM

Last update: currently 5549 planets.

Recent News


We are pleased to announce the first release of an extended version of the Encyclopaedia of extrasolar planets, which becomes the Encyclopaedia of exoplanetary systems. Some of these pages are still in beta version. We are actively working on new updates to the current website. Please do not hesitate to contact us at vo.exoplanet@obspm.fr if you have any questions or comments.


The first bunch of planet candidates are delivered by GAIA DR3 (click on status: candidates at the upper left of the catalog to see them): 63 are astrometric detections and 9 are from radial velocities. GAIA will provide thousands of them in the near future. Thanks to F.Arenou, N. Leclerc, A. Sozzetti (Gaia DPAC), C.Chauvin, F.Roques, Q. Kral & J. Schneider (exoplanet.eu Team)


Our planets in binaries sub-page lists 154 confirmed planets on an S-type orbit (orbiting one of the two stellar components) in <500au separated binaries.


Today, the catalog shows 5014 confirmed planets, 2638 candidates and 821 multiple planets sytems.

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