Full bibliography of the exoplanet catalogue.

  • Genetic Algorithms, Pulsar Planets, and Ionized Interstellar Microturbulence

    T. Joseph Lazio
    abstract in PASP (sept. 1997)

  • Binary Star Systems and Extrasolar Planets

    Matthew Muterspaugh
    full text

  • Sobre la formacion de sistemas de planetas gigantes en une ambiante nebular estandar.

    Rudolfo Cionco
    Full text

  • Search for Extra-Terrestrial planets: The DARWIN mission - Target Stars and Array Architectures.

    Lisa Kaltenegger
    abstract and full text

  • Shadows and Reflections of Extrasolar Planets"

    David Charbonneau
    full text

  • New Studies on Stars with Giant Planets

    Nuno Cardoso-Santos
    Full text

  • High precision infra-red stellar interferometry.

    Ben Lane
    full text

  • Planetary transits and stellar variability.

    Suzanne Aigrain
    Full text

  • The stability of habitable planetary environments.

    Daren Williams
    Full text

  • The Evolution of Giant Planets.

    Jonathan Fortney
    Full text

  • Infrared Spectroscopy of the Transiting Extrasolar Planet HD 204958 b During Secondary Eclipse.

    Jeremy Richardson
    full text

  • Dynamics and growth of dust grains in the protoplanetary nebula.

    Carlos de la Fuente Marcos

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